Frogs of South Australia

Steven Walker, founder of Frog Spotter SA
This is our first excursion, at this event frog expert and founder of Frog Spotter SA Steven Walker will give a presentation, discussing the distribution of frogs across SA, their behavior and current efforts for their conservation. In the second part of the workshop, you will then get an opportunity to go outdoors into the world of frogs where you will help identify frog species using the Frog Spotter SA mobile app guided by Steven Walker and others.
This excursion is supported by the Office for the Ageing and is aimed at the over 50’s, SA Health & the University of South Australia.

FrogWatch SA and FrogSpotter

The goal of FrogWatch SA and the citizen science tool Frogspotter is to engage the public in collecting collect valuable data on the condition of the environments frogs are dependent on in South Australia! Collect audio, photos and habitat info for each survey you conduct. Engaging in this way will promote knowledge about frogs within SA, and their role in the environment. The side effects may include recognizing frog calls, identifying frogs by their calls and the occasional wet feet.

Frog survey tool:
– Auto-capture of your survey’s GPS location data
– Capture audio of frogs calling
– Take photos of frogs and their habitat
– Record habitat info quickly and simply
– Try and identify frogs you see and hear

Resources and education:
– Catalogue of frogs in South Australia
– Species identification info including photos, audio and habitat

The Activating Citizen Scientists project is funded by Office for the Ageing, SA Health