Birds & Bugs in the Scrub, Aldinga Scrub

Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park, is located south of Adelaide in the Willunga sub-basin. This park contains remnant coastal vegetation sited on sand dunes and contains a diverse range of rare plants and supports a diverse range of insects, birds and other vertebrates. In this excursion, invertebrate experts from the University of South Australia, Professor Craig Williams and Mr Stephen Fricker will guide participants into the macro world of all insect types with the assistance of Seamus Doherty. Part of the workshop, participants will be shown different insect collection techniques, as well as how to use the iNaturalist mobile app to send photos of insects in for identification and scientific use. Participants will also get the opportunity to learn about native birds and how to identify them using the iNaturalist app under the expert ecologist guide of Dr. Marina Louter and Dr. Amy Slender from the Flinders University Bird Ecology Team.

Before attending please download the iNaturalist mobile app, and set up an account. Don’t worry if you don’t get around to it we can help you on the day. Once you have set-up your account join the ‘Activating Australians for Citizen Science‘ Project.

There are a number of information pages and video tutorials on the site and I suggest that you have a quick look before the excursion so you can hit the ground running. This includes a getting started with iNaturalist page. If you are having trouble we will guide you through it.

Video Tutorials

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