Call for citizen scientists in SA

Did you know you can get involved in scientific programs and make scientific discoveries from your yard? Or just by using your smartphone?
Do you want to be part of something big and help your whole suburb?

Citizen science is public participation in scientific research aiming to increase scientific data. 

Mozzie Monitors is the first citizen science program in the world which combined mosquito trapping with the community participation to deliver comprehensive surveillance of urban mosquitoes. 

More than 10,000 mozzies were collected in people’s yards in SA, in 2018/19!

In addition to being very irritating, mosquitoes can transmit disease, and there’s a need to improve surveillance methods.

We are now recruiting new citizen scientists to join us in our next trial across South Australia, where we will be using either a mosquito trap or a smartphone app to share observations of mozzies!

Some species collected in the first trial are vectors of diseases, such as Barmah Forest and Ross River viruses.

In our next trial, we are inviting people to participate in ONE of the two groups:

1) Setting a mozzie monitors trap, photographing the catch and emailing the photo into us – about every 2 weeks or whenever you can manage it, OR

2) Using the iNaturalist app to record any sightings/encounters with mosquitoes that you may have during that period.

You can become the next Mozzie Monitor!

By taking part you are playing a part in work of global importance. If you want to join a group of citizen scientists who are tracking mosquitoes  and helping keep Australia safe of mosquito-carrying diseases, so please contact us:
Mozzie Monitors (;
Larissa ( or Ph: 0432283844).

You can also find out more information on our page